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... 12 Governance Structures Sovereign states enforce national regulatory rules and requirements for airspace and airports. Global organizations assist with interpretations of requirements.
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... Governance Structures 13 planning, procurement processes, and proactive attempts to resolve knowledge gaps in technology procurement allowed for increased frequency and innovation in technology procurement. Airport Activity Airports fall into four categories: commercial service, cargo service, reliever, and general aviation (Flight Literacy, n.d.)
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... 14 Airport Software Solutions and Services Sourcing Figure 3-2. Volume of airport activity by size (Source: FAA 2020b)
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... Governance Structures 15 including technology tools. Eligible entities can purchase from these contracts at any time and for any reason.
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... 16 Airport Software Solutions and Services Sourcing Service exists to provide administrative and technical assistance in procurement activities (ICAO, n.d.)

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