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... 3   Introduction Software, hardware, and services coexist as technology tools. When procurement and technology are recognized as focused areas of expertise, the following broad definitions can create a common language: • Hardware: Physical elements that make up technology (Stoltzfus 2020)
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... 4 Airport Software Solutions and Services Sourcing Procurement technology is available to airports and is heavily utilized to ease the procurement process, reduce potential problems, and create a means for tracking data (Universal Class, n.d.)
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... Introduction 5 Literature Review The literature review allowed researchers to obtain the most current knowledge, practices, and relevant research pertaining to airport software solutions and services sourcing available. Governance structure, airport size, types and amounts of funding, use of third-party solutions (e.g., cooperative agreements, value-added resellers, and consultants)
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... 6 Airport Software Solutions and Services Sourcing Technological expertise at airports is varied and often limited to the IT unit, at a time when IT expertise is already in dire shortage in all industries. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 69% of business enterprises were already experiencing an IT shortage.
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... Introduction 7 2. A knowledge gap between end-users, technology procurement specialists, and IT experts.

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