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... 51   A P P E N D I X A Technology Procurement Process Checklist Written Procurement Plan Identify and outline roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in processing procurement transactions Specifies authorized purchaser(s) (Delegation of Authority)
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... 52 Airport Software Solutions and Services Sourcing Clean Air/Clean Water Act statement Civil Rights Act statement Record retention and record access requirements Method of shipment/delivery requirements Method of payment, invoices, statements, etc. Purchase instrument to be used and how vendor will receive payment Certificates of Insurance Bid certification form Bid Specifications Product specifications Quantity Quality Packaging Pricing Substitutions and/or deviations Documentation All IFB/RFP/RFQs with appropriate documentation and signatures maintained Comparison charts and documentation of reason for award Record of public bid openings Copies of award/non-award letters Copies of advertisements Determination of correct procurement method used Evaluation of rollover clause correctly implemented Evaluation/documentation of negotiations/changes to original contract Evaluation of return of discounts, credits, and rebates (as applicable)
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... Technology Procurement Process Checklist 53 Planning and procurement template for a successful Computer Maintenance Management System (Source: Bell et al.

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