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Appendix A: Statement of Task
Pages 67-68

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From page 67...
... • Innovative methodologies, including AI/ML algorithms that can be leveraged to identify individuals, groups, communities, and populations at high risk for suicide. • Innovative data science techniques and methods, including AI/ML algorithms, to identify, predict, and refer individuals at risk for suicide to appropriate care and services, using tools such as º suicide risk prediction algorithm methodologies used by technology and social media platforms to identify users at risk for suicide, º relative effectiveness of social suicide prediction algorithms in accurately identifying individuals at risk compared to medical suicide prediction, and 67
From page 68...
... • Additional opportunities/gaps such as º evidence-based/best practices for online peer support groups, º considerations for individuals in rural/underserved areas without broadband access or limited access to the internet, and º potential opportunities for follow-up after identification by social suicide prediction algorithms, while ensuring privacy. • Potential risks, unintended consequences and pitfalls of leveraging AI/ML algorithms for identifying individuals at risk for suicide or experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

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