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... 13 infrastructure through various planning initiatives, design approaches, and operations and maintenance efforts. When e-scooter pilot programs are designed, there are many different ways that communities are establishing evaluation and data needs, collecting and analyzing data, sharing and integrating information sources, and determining transportation impacts and challenges.
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... 14 1.7 million trips taken and no fatalities (Portland Bureau of Transportation and Alta Planning & Design 2020)
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... 15 In addition to their unknown safety effects, these policies carry important equity implications, particularly for shift workers, people with low incomes, and racial minorities that may depend on e-scooters when other modes of transportation are not in operation or are not as reliable. Examination of these issues is a topic for further research.
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... 16 Inspired by the General Bikeshare Feed Specification, the Los Angeles DOT created the open source Mobility Data Specification (MDS) as a standardized way for public agencies and mobility operators (including dockless bicycle, e-scooter, moped, and carshare companies)

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