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Appendix B: Board Rosters
Pages 123-124

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From page 123...
... JOHNSON, Senior Program Officer M JEANNE AQUILINO, Financial Business Partner MARGO REGIER, Associate Program Officer JONATHAN TUCKER, Associate Program Officer EMILY BERMUDEZ, Program Assistant PADRAIGH HARDIN, Program Assistant MILES LANSING, Program Assistant OSHANE ORR, Program Assistant PREPUBLICATION COPY 123
From page 124...
... , University of North Texas, Fort Worth SEAN D YOUNG, University of California, Irvine Staff ROSE MARIE MARTINEZ, Senior Board Director KATHLEEN STRATTON, Scholar ALINA BACIU, Senior Program Officer ELIZABETH BOYLE, Senior Program Officer GILLIAN BUCKLEY, Senior Program Officer AMY GELLER, Senior Program Officer ANNE STYKA, Senior Program Officer MISRAK DABI, Financial Business Partner ALEXANDRA ANDRADA, Program Officer NEHA DIXIT, Associate Program Officer AIMEE MEAD, Associate Program Officer ALEXIS WOJTOWICZ, Associate Program Officer Y

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