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... 51   Improving Airport Investigations This chapter discusses how airport leaders benefit from improved incident investigation techniques. The chapter starts by explaining why improvement efforts should be considered.
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... 52 Airside Operations Safety: Understanding the Effects of Human Factors be argued that the V/PD is the only safety event where no damage or injury is present where an investigation is mandatory. Thus, the V/PD stands as a unique safety hazard.
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... Improving Airport Investigations 53   this decision was the airport's experience with an aircraft accident. The airport's after-action discussions resulted in a determination that having a well-trained safety investigator on staff would have helped significantly during the response phase of the accident.
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... 54 Airside Operations Safety: Understanding the Effects of Human Factors 8.2.3 The Challenge to Thorough V/PD Human Factors Analysis and Trending At present, the data provided to the FAA in the form of response letters are not entered into the runway incursion database. The letters remain in hardcopy form in the archives but are not digitally scanned.
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... Improving Airport Investigations 55   This allows the investigator to study contributing circumstances, such as issues on or off the job that might serve to distract the person, or the amount of sleep obtained to see if fatigue might be a consideration. More information on fatigue is included in Chapter 7.

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