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... 62 Abbreviations and Acronyms ACSI Airport Certification Safety Inspector ADG Aircraft Design Group AMASS Airport Movement Area Safety System AMS Adverse Mental State AOA Airport Operations Area ARFF Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting ASDE-3 Airport Surface Detection Equipment Model 3 ASDE-X Airport Surface Detection Equipment Model X ATC Air Traffic Control ATCT Air Traffic Control Tower CCP Communication, Coordination, and Planning CO Condition of Operators EASA European Union Aviation Safety Agency FRM Fatigue Risk Management FRMP Fatigue Risk Management Program HSD Habitual Sleep Duration HFACS Human Factors Analysis and Classification System ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization IS Inadequate Supervision NTSB National Transportation Safety Board OI Operational Incidents OSD Optimum Sleep Duration PD Pilot Deviations POV Privately Owned Vehicle PSD Potential Sleep Debt REDA Ramp Error Decision Aid RIWSs Runway Incursion Warning Systems RWSL Runway Status Lights SA Situational Awareness SBE Skill-Based Error SMS Safety Management System SRM Safety Risk Management TT Tools/Technology VR Virtual Reality V/PD Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation

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