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Appendix: Committee Biographies
Pages 49-52

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From page 49...
... Lee chaired the Royal Society of Canada's Expert Panel on the Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environments. He has served on three National Academies' committees on the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on ecosystem services, Arctic oil spill response, and the use of chemical oil dispersants.
From page 50...
... on issues related to oil and chemical spills, developed damage assessment metrics for several oil spills, and coordinated early-restoration planning following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Through NOAA/ERD, she led improvements to the Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects database, a tool that supports spill response and planning, which in 2016 received the Environmental Product Award by the North American Marine Environmental Protection Association.
From page 51...
... Major spill responses include the Ixtoc-1, Alvenus, Arco Anchorage, Presidente Rivera, World Prodigy, Exxon Valdez, New Carissa, Westchester, the Persian Gulf oil spills associated with Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the MC-252 (Deepwater Horizon) well blowout.

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