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Executive Summary
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... As part of its efforts to distill available knowledge and improve its programs, INL engaged the Committee on Law and Justice of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to convene this ad hoc committee to review, assess, and reach consensus on existing evidence on policing institutions, police practices and capabilities, and police legitimacy in the 1
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... Yet it also provides repeated cautions about the difficulties of discerning the difference between police acting independently to uphold the law versus police taking sides with one faction that uses the law to take power away from a competing faction. Further cautions concern the generalizability of even clear-cut successes to other countries with different cultures, legal systems, and traditions.
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... RECOMMENDATION: INL should commission the development of a political economy analysis guidebook for anti-corruption work by a team of expert assessors, anti-corruption experts, and policing experts. The guidebook would be a tool to be applied to individual country assess­ments to inform understanding of the local dynamics affecting the integrity of the rule of law.

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