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Appendix C: Process for Panel's Interviews
Pages 298-301

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From page 298...
... Because identities inform perceptions, their positional identifications are included below. From the perspective of the interviewees, all five would be visually identified as young, Black women; they introduced themselves as recent Princeton graduates who completed senior theses with Susan Fiske, cochair of the committee.
From page 299...
... , age 70, mobility challenged, cisgender straight woman, from Chicago and New England, teaching at Princeton University. The interviewers uploaded their audio interviews to a secure storage site, and the audio files were then transcribed by either an agency or an automated transcription site.
From page 300...
... After we are done, a transcription service will transcribe your interview. We will keep the recording and transcript in secure NASEM storage and destroy it 12 months after the committee releases its report.
From page 301...
... . App C-4 Pre-Publication Copy, Uncorrected Proofs

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