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Appendix D: Glossary
Pages 302-306

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From page 302...
... It assumes that all individuals are on a level playing field, and often ignores experiences of individual racism, structural racism, and other unique factors that occur on the basis of race. App D-1 Pre-Publication Copy, Uncorrected Proofs
From page 303...
... Equity should not be confused with equality, which is the treatment of all individuals in the same manner regardless of their starting point. Ethnicity- in contrast to race, has a stronger relationship to place: "a grouping of persons according to a shared geographic, national, or cultural heritage." Ethnicity is a human-invented term used to describe people from a similar national or regional background who share common cultural, historical, and social experiences.
From page 304...
... Indigenous- a term that represents the racial categories of American Indian or Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Ideal-worker framework- characterized by a culture where workers center their profession as the primary obligation and have additional support to attend to their domestic needs Individuation- a cognitive process whereby a person consciously considers the unique beliefs, perspectives, and intentions of another individual.
From page 305...
... Postsecondary- referring to formal education taking place after high school. Race- a human-invented, shorthand term used to describe and categorize people into various social groups based on characteristics like skin color, physical features, and genetic heredity.
From page 306...
... Team- a small number of individuals with different roles and responsibilities that interact independently to perform tasks and accomplish shared goals. Values- a set of priorities amidst multiple interests.

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