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... 6 Background Micromobility vehicles and shared micromobility have been growing rapidly, both in the United States and on a global scale. Micromobility may refer to a wide range of low-speed vehicles that travel more slowly than 20–30 mph, are designed almost exclusively for a single adult, and may include bicycles, electric bikes, push scooters, motorized scooters, power skateboards, and other personal transportation technologies.
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... Introduction 7   start after a stop. The allowed maximum speed for Class 1 e-bikes in the United States is 20 mph, meaning that the motor ceases to assist at that speed.
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... 8 Micromobility Policies, Permits, and Practices their jurisdictions, municipal regulation of micromobility is beyond the scope of this analysis. To address the significance of local governments, this report documents the interface between state and local policies.

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