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... Quantum Science and Laboratory Engineering SQMS Superconducting Fermi National $115a Quantum Materials and Accelerator Laboratory Systems Center National Science Q-SenSE Quantum Systems University of Colorado, $25a Foundation: through Entangled Boulder qsense Quantum Leap Science and Challenge Engineering Institutes HQAN Hybrid Quantum University of Illinois -- $25a (Authorized under Architectures and Illinois Quantum NQIA) Networks Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST)
From page 223...
... Federal Full Name of Center or Agency Acronym Program Lead University Website NSF NSF Q-AMASE-i Quantum Foundry for University of California, Accelerated Development of Santa Barbara Quantum Materials NSF ERC-CQN Engineering Research Center University of Arizona for Quantum Networks JILA Physics Frontiers Center at University of Colorado, JILA Boulder JQI Joint Quantum Institute University of Maryland, College Park IQIM Institute for Quantum California Institute of Information and Matter Technology CUA Center for Ultracold Atoms Massachusetts Institute of Technology CQuIC Center for Quantum University of New Mexico Information and Control ITAMP Institute for Theoretical Harvard Atomic and Molecular Physics CIQM Center for Integrated Quantum Harvard Materials EPIQC Enabling Practical Scale The University of Chicago Quantum Computing STAQ Software-Tailored Duke Architecture for Quantum co design QISE-NET Quantum Information Science The University of Chicago and Engineering Network DOE ASCR Advanced Scientific N/A Computing Research QIS Program BER Biological and Environmental N/A Research atives/QIS/Program Offices-QIS-Pages BES Basic Energy Science QIS N/A Program ch/qis FES Fusion Energy Sciences N/A atives/QIS/Program Offices-QIS-Pages%20 HEP High Energy Physics QIS N/A Program ch/Quantum-Information Science-QIS Prepublication Copy 223

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