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... A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2018 report, Data Science for Undergraduates, catalyzed conversations around data science education in K–12. If data science is important in undergraduate school, "why aren't we attending to what we're doing in K–12?
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... Critical Data Literacy: Creating a More Just World Through Data3 3. Previewing the National Landscape of K–12 Data Science Implementation4 4.
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... • How can K–12 data science education be designed to specifically reach students who have been traditionally marginalized and/or underrepresented in STEM? Integrating data science into the K–12 system • How can data science be meaningfully integrated with K–12 edu cation, in both STEM and non-STEM classes?
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... This proceedings may contain particular viewpoints attributed to individual participants or groups of participants in the workshop, if BOX 1-2 Workshop Guiding Questions • What does data science education look like? Where is it happening, both in and out of school?

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