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... 4 Background Transit agencies that develop on-demand transit pilots or programs desire for these services to be used by customers so that the services provide value to the community, are productive and costeffective for the agency, and meet any goals set for the project. These pilots or programs can involve vendors such as transportation network companies (TNCs)
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... Overview 5   about the service or train people on how to use the service smartphone app can sometimes be the most effective tool in customer education efforts. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many transit agencies had to halt in-person activities for safety reasons.
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... 6 Customer Education and Awareness of On-Demand Mobility these topics are already researched in other existing research reports, including TCRP Research Report 195: Broadening Understanding of the Interplay Among Public Transit, Shared Mobility, and Personal Automobiles (Feigon and Murphy, 2018) , TCRP Research Report 204: Partnerships Between Transit Agencies and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)
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... Overview 7   Technical Approach to Project This study was conducted in three main phases: (1) a literature review of existing research and reports on marketing and customer education efforts related to on-demand transit or ridehailing, (2)
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... 8 Customer Education and Awareness of On-Demand Mobility and engagement, budget and acquisition, education and awareness benefits, and overall lessons learned and challenges. The final survey tool is included in Appendix A.

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