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... 68 The goal of this synthesis is to feature information about the motivations and strategies that transit agencies or other local government entities use to increase awareness and understanding of their on-demand services, helping to improve utilization of the services and to meet any specific goals the agency has set in place. Existing literature about on-demand mobility discusses marketing as an important practice and highlights some advertising and outreach efforts agencies did as part of the overall discussion, but there has not been ample focus on marketing and customer education despite its named importance and implicit connection to the success of new service pilots or programs.
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... Conclusions 69   media channels, and provide in-person customer engagement (typically around the launch period of the service)
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... 70 Customer Education and Awareness of On-Demand Mobility • Rider retention can also be a challenge for some agencies after customers try the new service the first time, meaning agencies need additional understanding of customer issues with using the service for their trips or their comfort level with the technology. Notable Practices and Lessons Learned Internal Processes and Planning • Continued marketing of the new service before the service launch, at the service launch, and as the service continues post-launch helps reach the intended audience rather than forgetting about the service after a single touchpoint.
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... Conclusions 71   • The agency examples of on-demand services researched in this report did not include AV services. At the time of this report, most existing autonomous transit services are still in testing phases and not providing revenue service for passengers (with some notable exceptions)

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