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... 5   The goal of Phase I was to identify ways in which states currently track citation, adjudication, and disposition data; challenges they face when doing so; and strategies for addressing these challenges. This phase incorporated two primary tasks -- a broad survey of publicly available information across all states and a series of in-depth interviews with highway safety representatives from the governments of representative states.
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... 6 Strategies to Improve State Traffic Citation and Adjudication Outcomes As state court structures are highly diverse and unification is a complex concept, three axes were used to categorize states based on the three unification constructs defined above: (1) Unification of Legal Code, (2)
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... State Traffic Citation and Adjudication Tracking Efforts 7   but allowed for a natural flow of conversation, and were conducted in a single hour-long session in order to maximize relevant data while respecting respondents' time. Interviewees from each state were state highway officials including representatives from traffic records coordinating committees (TRCCs)
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... 8 Strategies to Improve State Trafc Citation and Adjudication Outcomes the interview script with extracted transcripts, incorporating cases where question responses went beyond the strict domain of the question asked. emes included: • Challenges/Barriers facing citation and adjudication data acquisition, storage, transmission, and tracking – Including, where appropriate, challenges involving unication.

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