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1 Introduction
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... Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, roundtable co-chair and vice dean for population health and health equity at the University of California, San Francisco, welcomed viewers and offered a land acknowledgment on behalf of the National Academies hosts of the event, conveying gratitude and respect to the Nacotchtank Piscataway people and elders whose lands are occupied by the District of Columbia. BibbinsDomingo provided a brief overview of the roundtable's vision and mission, and past relevant work, including explorations of several facets of the economic drivers of health, from business and health care sector investments, to the design of tax policies to support the work of population health improvement.
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... The workshop was planned by a small group led by roundtable member Kosali Simon, of Indiana University, and also including Jason Purnell of BJC Health, Rita Hamad of the University of California, San ­Francisco, and Debbie Chang of the Blue Shield of California Foundation. Rachel Wick, also of Blue Shield of California Foundation, provided additional assistance, along with roundtable staff Alina Baciu, Ayshia Coletrane, Alexandra Andrada, and Maggie Anderson.
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... • The health and well-being of care workers is intertwined with the conditions of their work, and the low pay of care workers creates a vicious cycle of inter­ generational poverty. (Mary Ignatius, Josephine Kalipeni)

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