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4 Meeting the Challenge of Moving from Knowledge to Action
Pages 23-26

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From page 23...
...  Setting a research agenda for integrating public and ecosystem health is about both the "what" of the research questions and the "how" of embracing knowledge production practices that generate actionable and decision-ready information delivered to the right audiences. Aileen Lee, from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, noted the intricate, intimate, and inescapable ways the natural world undergirds the life support systems that sustain human health.
From page 24...
... The "how," she added, requires reaching across institutional barriers to pursue innovative knowledge collaborations across silos, disciplines, sectors, and social groups. Today, human society is facing interlinked crises of nature loss, climate change, public health, and social inequity rooted in fundamental choices about how social and economic activities are organized, said Lee.
From page 25...
... Mahtab Jafari, from the University of California, Irvine, asked Lee if she had examples of research her organization funded that resulted in changes in policies. Lee replied that the Natural Capital Project focused on how to integrate and mainstream the concepts of natural capital into decision making by policy makers and multilateral donors.

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