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2 Nature and Public Health
Pages 5-10

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From page 5...
...  A policy decision to create urban green spaces can improve mood and increase happiness among urban residents.  Investments in nature can double as investments in public health.
From page 6...
... In contrast, a broader approach that connects human health and ecosystems could focus on the well-being of human communities around the world, rather than on financial incentives, while still providing quantifiable results of use to decision makers. One important aspect of the environment-associated burden of disease that would be captured in this broader approach, Ricketts noted, is that it is not distributed equally around the world.
From page 7...
... Ricketts illustrated how these key questions help to understand the relationship between the biosphere and human health through an example of how an ecosystem change resulting from a policy decision -- such as deforestation -- can lead to human health consequences. In this example, deforestation creates microhabitats at the edge of deforested areas that are prime breeding ground for mosquitos.
From page 8...
... . Ricketts concluded his remarks by reiterating that nature affects human health in diverse ways, from physical health to mental health.
From page 9...
... To better share the results of this type of research both across academic disciplines and between academics and implementors, Ricketts said that workshops such as this one, societies such as the EcoHealth Alliance and EcoHealth International, and organizations such as the Planetary Health Alliance provide important venues for sharing information. Given that researchers respond to incentives, research network grants can play an important role in supporting interdisciplinary research.

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