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Appendix A: Statement of Task
Pages 85-86

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... Specific areas to be explored at the workshop include:  Current intellectual frameworks for integrating public health, natural resource management, and environmental protection research, policies, and practices to foster resilience in complex, interconnected systems (including Planetary Health, One Health, nature-based solutions, and ecosystem services) , synergies among these frameworks, and consideration of how they may continue to evolve to reflect emerging understanding and priorities  Recent research results and emerging areas for future research advances, including research related to characterizing and quantifying the public health effects associated with conservation, natural resource management, and other environmental and land-use practices; metrics that incorporate public and ecological health outcomes, including consideration of equity; how financing influences public and ecological health outcomes; and public health and conservation communication  Efforts to integrate public and ecological health considerations in policy and practice, what has worked, and where have there been challenges  Identification of key elements of a knowledge-to-action research agenda for integrating public and ecological health to foster resilience in these interconnected systems  Discussion of how a research agenda could be advanced, including opportunities to build better connections between research communities, and between practitioner and policy maker or decision-maker communities, in advancing research and practice 85

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