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... 40 Conclusions and Recommendations Summary The MPS treatment operates similarly to a coordinated-actuated vehicular traffic control signal at a midblock crossing. In some places, it uses a green arrow rather than a steady green ball.
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... Conclusions and Recommendations 41 nearby intersection. The crash database was reviewed and cleaned to remove sites where the crashes for a nearby freeway could not be easily filtered (typically when the study site street was either on an overpass or underpass of a freeway)
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... 42 Safety at Midblock Pedestrian Signals Future Research Needs The efforts of this project answered the question of whether the MPS provides safety benefits. During this study, research questions were identified for pedestrian treatments, including: • What is the appropriate illumination (street lighting)
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... Conclusions and Recommendations 43 • A few sites had to be eliminated in this study because the method used to identify crashes resulted in capturing crashes on a neighboring freeway or on a freeway that was overpassing or underpassing the street of interest. The research team may have been able to remove those crashes by reviewing the characteristics of each crash or by reviewing the crash narrative, which is a labor-intensive effort.

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