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... 1   Urban Air Mobility: An Airport Perspective Urban Air Mobility (UAM) , or its generalized version, advanced air mobility (AAM)
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... 2 Urban Air Mobility: An Airport Perspective How to Use the Guide and Toolkit UAM operations at airports are in their nascency; therefore, this Guide aims to clearly define the major technological and regulatory uncertainties that are still to be defined. The Guide and toolkit should be used in tandem to achieve the full benefit from the research.
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... Summary 3   Chapter 4: Business Case and Implications for Airports This chapter discusses business cases, implications, and guidance for integrating UAM at airports, which include the following: • The motivation behind UAM for airports • Guidance on community and stakeholder engagement, including key messages • Implications and guidance for UAM at airports, including funding considerations, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA coordination, and insurance considerations • Multimodal integration considerations regarding the means to efficiently integrate UAM with other multimodal transportation options • Considerations for airport organizational and training requirements, airport infrastructure, funding, and partnerships Chapter 5: Impact Assessment and Opportunities for Urban Air Mobility This chapter offers insight into the impact UAM may have on airport developers and operators and their supporting communities.

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