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... 22 Use Cases and Applications for Urban Air Mobility This chapter discusses the motivation and primary use cases for UAM: Passenger Air Mobility, Air Emergency (Medical) Services, and Air Cargo.
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... Use Cases and Applications for Urban Air Mobility 23 between airports, OEMs, service providers, and planners to better facilitate multiple options for UAM integration. At the Vertical Flight Society's 2021 technical meeting on January 26, 2021, Jay Merkle spoke about the possibility of type certification for a handful of aircraft for UAM operations in 2021–2022.
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... 24 Urban Air Mobility: An Airport Perspective • Electrical capacity to support new aerial vehicles, • Updating codes for existing buildings, • Allocating land in a densely populated area, and • Coordinating with multiple stakeholders in cities and states. With already established aerial operations, airports make a logical place to start for UAM.
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... Use Cases and Applications for Urban Air Mobility 25 released multiple videos demonstrating the low noise profile and acoustic nature of its aircraft and how the aircraft differs from traditional helicopters. In its latest news releases, Joby compared its aircraft with helicopters and manned aircraft noise profiles.
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... 26 Urban Air Mobility: An Airport Perspective the transport of lifesaving supplies for medical operations worldwide (Kolodny 2019)
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... Use Cases and Applications for Urban Air Mobility 27 defibrillators to help save lives during a cardiac arrest event. It is also delivering saliva-based COVID-19 tests via sUAS to limit exposure to the disease.

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