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Appendix C: Table of International Programs
Pages 185-190

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... . Brazilian Brazil The aim is to offer public Birth location in Brazil Initiative on access to genomic and Precision phenotypic data from Brazil Medicine to scientists and clinicians (BIPMed)
From page 186...
... . Malaysia Cohort Malaysia Aims to recruit 100,000 Ethnicity -- Malay, Chinese, Study individuals aged 35–70 years Indian, Other; Locality -- to identify risk factors, gene– urban or rural environment interactions, and biomarkers for cancer and other diseases (Jamal et al., 2015)
From page 187...
... to recruit 60,000 participants. term residents who are The goal of the biobank is to members of Arab groups collect information to study other than Qatari, and long how lifestyle, environment, term residents of non-Arab and genes affect health locally groups.
From page 188...
... , Libyan, Moroccan, Sephardi (Turkey and Bulgaria) , Tunisian, Yemenite UK Biobank United Genetic and health Self-reported ethnicity Kingdom information of over half a which includes white (white million participants in the UK British, white Irish, and other (Fry et al., 2017)
From page 189...
... 2022. Nationwide genomic biobank in Mexico unravels demographic history and complex trait architecture from 6,057 individuals.
From page 190...
... 2021. Genetic profiles of 103,106 individuals in the Taiwan biobank provide insights into the health and history of Han Chinese.

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