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7 Moving Beyond Short-Termism
Pages 71-75

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From page 71...
... She noted that the community had more data about recovery than the city government at one point in time, and this community input was integrated into data visualizations for reporting purposes. LaGrue indicated that to enable continued evolution as a smart and connected city, New Orleans incorporated digital infrastructure into its strategic planning (e.g., smart pumps for measurement and for information about assets and systems)
From page 72...
... LaGrue commented that, currently, the city's short-term approach includes IT's management of short-term projects through the city's budget, development of small projects to improve digital footprint and respond to public safety threats (e.g., communications platforms, digital education and literacy, and sustainable power and Internet access in under-resourced areas) , and redevelopment of a broadband strategy to meet the changing needs of the city and its communities as well as to submit capital project requests to build key fiber segments in underserved areas.
From page 73...
... He further noted that innovation sets the stage for sustainability, and the Innovation Method provides several strategies for the continued success and evolution of city projects using data for evidence of how to proceed and scale; for testing viability; and for learning how to establish, transition, and scale pilots. He discussed Amsterdam as a case study on the Innovation Method; the city is using a digital twin of its Zuidoost neighborhood to model improvements and new infrastructure and to test viability in a virtual setting before initiating a pilot.
From page 74...
... ADUs are now the fastest growing new housing in Los Angeles, and the team secured more than $3 million to pilot a follow-on program to address the city's homelessness crisis. Pudlin encouraged city leaders to join the Bloomberg Cities Network,1 an important venue to share both success stories and lessons learned, and to discover resources, tools, and case studies for future use in improving the lives of residents.
From page 75...
... Consulting experts and hiring staff dedicated to gathering information from groups around the city and uniting it with data advances equity. Most importantly, she encouraged honesty and transparency to serve the public fairly.

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