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9 Workshop Themes and the Path Forward
Pages 85-88

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From page 85...
... 9.1 WORKSHOP THEMES 9.1.1 Modeling and Uncertainty Cohon described the crucial role that optimization -- and modeling more generally -- plays in creating an integrated systems view for infrastructure planning, design, and operations. Several speakers underscored the connection between uncertainty and infrastructure planning.
From page 86...
... To build capacity at the community level, several speakers suggested strategies to build trust and confidence by increasing transparency, fostering relationships, raising community awareness of models, engaging with and using data, emphasizing participatory data, understanding who owns the narrative, and validating data to ensure that they represent lived experiences. All of this should culminate in a decision,
From page 87...
... He stressed that because climate justice is social justice, the city is conducting a comprehensive study of environmental justice and has created a new office for climate and environmental justice. New York City is also making other investments for a more sustainable city, with plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2050, improve access to renewable energy, procure plant-based local food options, and ensure that New Yorkers have access to sustainable food to support healthy lives and a healthy planet.
From page 88...
... Holm summarized, saying that specific tools and methodologies help cities determine how to best invest in infrastructure for community benefit, while managing competing priorities. She reiterated that infrastructure includes not only physical buildings but also digital and public safety systems and services as well as housing, shelters, and education hubs.

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