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Appendix A: Key Resources for Decision Makers
Pages 91-93

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... A Key Resources for Decision Makers CHAPTER 2: RELEVANT DATA, ANALYTICS, AND METRICS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY • Source of federal agency data: • Resilient Houston: 20200518-single-page.pdf • Houston's Complete Communities Initiative: https://www.houstoncc. org/ • Curated Data Enterprise: divisions/social-and-decision-analytics/census • Prioritization of Public Transportation Investments: A Guide for Deci sion-Makers: • A Model for Calculating Dividends from Resilience Projects: https:// • Santa Monica Wellbeing Project: CHAPTER 3: FUNDING AND INVESTMENT MECHANISMS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE • Dallas Innovation Alliance: 91
From page 92...
... org/; The UrbanKind Institute:; and Black Equity Coalition: • Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center: • Technology development through community partnerships: https:// • Cities Coalition for Digital Rights: • Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool: https://screeningtool. • Justice40 Open Source Community: tool and CHAPTER 6: SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, AND DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society LandCare Program to transform vacant community lots: vacant-land/program-model-and-impact
From page 93...
... APPENDIX A 93 • Effective social outreach programs: STYL program: http://mail.nepi • Institute for Nonviolence Chicago: • Cure Violence:; Heartland Alliance: https://www.; and Lawndale Christian Legal Center: https:// CHAPTER 7: MOVING BEYOND SHORT-TERMISM • Bloomberg Cities Network: CHAPTER 8: BUILDING THE IDEAL SUSTAINABLE CITY • Austin's Climate Equity Plan: climate-equity-plan • Equity in green workforce development through the Civilian Con servation Corps: conservation-corps • Climate Central: • First Street Foundation mapping for flood risks: • Coalition-building through Hill Country Conservancy: https://hill • The Equity Center: equity-profile-1 • National Equity Atlas: national-equity-atlas

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