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Airport Insurance Requirements (2023) / Chapter Skim
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... 1   Purpose of This Guide 1.1 What Is This Guide About? ACRP recognizes the importance of identifying and communicating best practices in insurance purchasing, insurance programs, and contractual risk transfer for airports throughout the United States.
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... 2 Airport Insurance Requirements risk specialists and staff. The staff at these airports can wear many hats and are often responsible for a wide range of airport programs, which can include airport insurance programs as well as risk management activities and initiatives.
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... Purpose of This Guide 3 1.3 How This Guide Was Researched The research for the development of this guide included a review of literature relevant to airport insurance requirements and airport risk management. The literature review identified more than 80 journal articles, books, presentations, reports, and blog posts.
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... 4 Airport Insurance Requirements 1.3.1 Literature Review: Key Findings The literature search identified a limited number of recent articles specifically on insurance purchasing practices and decisions at U.S. airports.
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... Purpose of This Guide 5 • Airport administrators. The guide provides an overview of both insurable and uninsurable risks faced by airports throughout the United States as well as key contractual risk transfer practices important in managing an airport's risk.
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... 6 Airport Insurance Requirements 1.7 Disclaimer This guide is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information about the subject of contractual risk transfer for U.S. airport operations.

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