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... 4 C H A P T E R   1 1.1 Introduction and Synthesis Objectives A lack of comprehensive industry guidelines has led to variation in the airfield apron/ramp markings that are used at airports across the United States. These markings provide guidance to pilots, ground crews, and others on the movement and parking of aircraft, vehicles, and personnel, and they are therefore important to airport operational safety.
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... Introduction/Background 5 1.2 Project Background In the absence of comprehensive industry guidelines related to airfield apron/ramp markings, many airports and their stakeholders have created unique approaches to surface markings in the apron environment. For example, many airports and airlines have different standards for the markings used in the terminal gate area for aircraft positioning, for the staging and storage of GSE, and for passenger boarding bridges.
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... 6 Airfield Apron and Ramp Surface Markings • #2. Different striping pattern to denote passenger boarding bridge protected area (e.g., red crosshatch for American vs.
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... Introduction/Background 7 1.3 Study Process The process used for this study is outlined in Figure 1. The first task in the study was to conduct a detailed literature review to document industry guidelines published both domestically and internationally on airfield apron markings.
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... 8 Airfield Apron and Ramp Surface Markings Literature Review • Gather and document existing industry guidance relevant to the topic Industry Survey • Gather and document existing apron/ramp markings practices Airport Case Examples/Interviews • Gather detailed data related to specific apron/ramp marking practices utilized at airport Figure 1. Study process.

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