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Goals, Objectives, and Actions
Pages 10-16

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From page 11...
... staff-led DEi groups 1.4 Establish an a Develop a vision b Develop the DEi c Support staff, organization-wide statement for a Action Plan including leaders, vision and strategy to diverse, equitable, in their efforts to guide DEi efforts inclusive, anti- establish and achieve racist, multicultural DEi-oriented goals organization 11
From page 12...
... exchange of ideas for staff 2.5 Review, refine, a Enhance policies b Develop and c Communicate d Develop bystander and communicate and processes implement strategies policies related to intervention training mistreatment policies for reporting and procedures for mistreatment and and resources for staff and procedures mistreatment addressing situations reporting processes involving power to staff, members, differentials volunteers, and sponsors 12
From page 13...
... Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan HIRING, ADVANCEMENT, AND COMPENSATION • Goal 3: Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring, advancement, and compensation OBJECTIVES ACTIONS 3.1 Review and refine hiring a Assess where the b Strengthen efforts c Review and revise d Review and improve e Implement inclusive practices, policies, and National Academies to attract diverse interview processes job descriptions hiring practices procedures stand regarding applicants and diversity in hiring increase staff diversity at all levels 3.2 Review and refine a Review advancement b Review data to c Refine advancement d Expand professional e Review and enhance advancement and practices, policies, monitor progress policies and development pay equity analysis compensation practices, and procedures and opportunities for procedures opportunities for staff practices policies, and procedures through a DEi lens improvement and emerging diverse and recommend professionals (e.g., changes based on best interns) practices 3.3 Ensure transparency a Clarify and b Establish multiple c Provide regular d Develop and and communication communicate mechanisms for updates to staff on communicate around hiring, advancement gathering employee progress in hiring, consistent guidelines advancement, and processes feedback, including advancement, and for recruiters, hiring compensation confidential feedback compensation policies managers, supervisors, and practices and senior leaders 13
From page 14...
... 4.2 Establish the role of DEi a Communicate to b Communicate to c Define and embed d Develop and in programmatic work staff the National members, volunteers, DEi into programmatic implement a and related policies and Academies' DEi goals and sponsors the processes, from framework for practices to advance DEi through National Academies' project development advancing accessibility programmatic work DEi goals to advance through dissemination and inclusion in all DEi through activities programmatic work 4.3 Embed DEi content a Integrate DEi b Create, facilitate, c Develop a portfolio of throughout outcomes into each and sustain DEi projects and programs programmatic work program and division's best practices in that includes and strategic plan programmatic work serves communities which are/have been under-represented and marginalized in STEMM 4.4 Leverage internal and a Identify and adopt DEi b Recognize and c Engage external d Establish an e Improve strategies external expertise and anti-racism policies highlight teams experts in DEi and institutional for recruiting experts to advance DEi in and practices from and staff which STEMM in an advisory mechanism who are/have been programmatic work National Academies have demonstrated capacity for the and guidelines underrepresented and publications (see 4.1b) leadership and/or National Academies for community marginalized in STEMM expertise in DEi engagement in (see 5.2)
From page 15...
... Academy members 5.2 Review and revise a Review DEi­ b Identify barriers to c Improve internal d Enhance processes policies, processes, and related policies and enhancing DEi in data systems to and practices and practices for selecting procedures related to volunteer recruitment accurately track the develop resources volunteers volunteer recruitment diversity and expertise and partnerships that of volunteers via support diversifying lmpexium (see 6.1a) Academy members 5.3 Review and revise a Review DEi­ b Identify barriers to c Enhance policies policies, processes, and related policies and enhancing DEi in and procedures and practices for selecting procedures related to contractor, vendor, develop resources vendors, contractors, contractor, vendor, and partner selection and partnerships that and partners and partner selection support diversifying vendors, contractors, and partners 15
From page 16...
... (see 5.1c and 5.2c) 6.2 Develop and maintain a Understand the b Determine high- c Create internal DEi d Develop and DEi Action Trackers organization's capacity priority metrics and Action Trackers and implement a and a corresponding regarding metrics, benchmarks that align a corresponding DEi systematic process for DEi Action Dashboard benchmarks, and with the DEi Action Action Dashboard collecting information dashboards Plan's goals and that facilitate from internal actions transparency, action, stakeholders to and accountability update the dashboard 6.3 Evaluate and revise a Develop and b Modify DEi Action DEi efforts on an implement a plan to Plan priorities and ongoing basis evaluate the impacts the investment of and value of ongoing resources based on DEi efforts evaluation results 6.4 Communicate DEi a Share DEi data, b Share DEi data, c Create a DEi d Develop and e Support the use of initiatives and progress progress, and best progress, and best communications implement a strategy inclusive language in regularly with internal practices internally practices externally plan to support to incorporate DEi all publications and and external audiences communications across value statements into documents the organization all communication vehicles 16

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