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Goals and Objectives
Pages 7-9

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... Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan GOALS AND OBJECTIVES INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPACITY Goal 1: Build infrastructure and develop capacity to advance DEI 1.1 Establish 1.2 Create a 1.3 Develop and 1.4 Establish an the Office of governance support a organization Diversity and structure network of wide vision and Inclusion (ODI) to ensure staff-led DEI strategy to guide accountability initiatives DEI efforts around DEI CULTURE Goal 2: Foster a culture of inclusion and belonging for staff, Academy members, and volunteers 2.1 Conduct inclusion 2.2 Develop an 2.3 Enhance cross- 2.4 Create safe 2.5 Review, and engagement education organization spaces for refine, and assessments strategy and teamwork and dialogue and the communicate with internal deliver training collaboration exchange of ideas mistreatment and external for staff, policies and stakeholders members, and procedures volunteers HIRING, ADVANCEMENT, AND COMPENSATION Goal 3: Enhance DEI in hiring, advancement, and compensation 3.1 Review and 3.2 Review 3.3 Ensure refine hiring and refine transparency and practices, advancement communication policies, and and around hiring, procedures compensation advancement, practices, and policies, and compensation procedures 8
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... Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan PROGRAMS AND INITIATIVES Goal 4: Apply a DEI lens to programs and initiatives 4.1 Review and 4.2 Establish the 4.3 Embed DEI 4.4 Leverage internal revise how role of DEI in content and external program and programmatic throughout expertise to initiative work is work and related programmatic advance DEI in conducted policies and work programmatic practices work DIVERSITY Goal 5: Diversify Academy members, volunteers, vendors, contractors, and partners 5.1 Review and 5.2 Review and 5.3 Review and revise processes revise policies, revise policies, and practices processes, processes, for electing and practices and practices Academy for selecting for selecting members volunteers vendors, contractors, and partners ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, AND COMMUNICATION Goal 6: Increase accountability, data transparency, and communication on DEI initiatives 6.1 Develop and 6.2 Develop and 6.3 Evaluate and 6.4 Communicate improve data maintain revise DEI efforts DEI initiatives systems to DEI Action on an ongoing and progress collect DEI- Trackers and a basis regularly related metrics corresponding with internal DEI Action and external Dashboard audiences 9

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