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Global Crackdown on Academic Freedom
Pages 19-22

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From page 19...
... The IHRN Executive Committee joined scientific and human rights bodies around the world in raising concern about the government's excessive use of force against peacefully protesting students, faculty, and others seeking an end to discrimination against women and other reforms, which has resulted in hundreds of deaths, injuries, and mass detention. The IHRN's statement highlighted the climate of fear at Iran's universities as a result of the arrests and the security forces' violent suppression of protests on and around university campuses and called on the government to end the unnecessary use of force in response to the protests, the release of all who have been arbitrarily detained, and an end to further attacks on educational institutions.
From page 20...
... In the past year alone, the government has canceled the legal status of the Academy of Sciences of Nicaragua, closed several universities, withheld funding from others, and strengthened governmental control over university curricula and academic programs. In response to the escalating restrictions on human rights and civil society in the country -- including the government's forced closure of numerous civil organizations -- the IHRN's Executive Committee issued a statement in mid-2022 condemning ongoing assaults on academic freedom and calling on the government to restore arbitrarily dissolved organizations and allow international human rights monitoring bodies into the country to document and report on the rights situation.
From page 21...
... Mr. Santawy has been a graduate student of sociology and social anthropology at Central European University, now in Vienna, Austria, since fall 2019, where his academic work has focused on women's rights, including the history of women's reproductive rights in Egypt.
From page 22...
... Mr. Santawy was imprisoned throughout his ordeal under harsh conditions of confinement, where he endured prolonged solitary confinement and physical abuse.

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