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About the Committee on Human Rights
Pages 5-8

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... Our Mission The CHR promotes engagement with internationally recognized human rights norms to help shape effective, sustainable, and just responses to societal challenges. It advocates, and marshals support, for members of the research, technological, and healthcare communities who come under threat as a result of repression and discrimination.
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... Columbia University University of Michigan Chris Beyrer John Hildebrand Duke University NAS International Secretary John Carlson Andrea Liu Yale University University of Pennsylvania Giselle Corbie Douglas Massey University of North Carolina School of Princeton University Medicine Jonathan Moreno* Carlos del Rio University of Pennsylvania NAM International Secretary Deb Niemeier Vanessa Northington Gamble University of Maryland The George Washington University James M
From page 7...
... The IHRN was founded in 1993 to alert national academies to human rights abuses involving fellow scientists and scholars and to equip academies with the tools to provide support in such cases. Today the IHRN advocates in support of professional colleagues suffering human rights abuses; promotes the free exchange of ideas and opinions among scientists and scholars; and supports the independence and autonomy of national academies and scholarly societies worldwide.

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