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3 Earth Venture - Challenges and Opportunities for the Notional Platform
Pages 28-30

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... . However, while the synergy between Earth Venture instruments on the ISS and other ISS sensors has provided enhanced science capabilities, this committee believes it is unlikely that the ISS would have been the platform of choice if not for the substantial cost benefits to Earth Venture proposing teams and to NASA ESD related to launch and accommodation costs.
From page 29...
... Germain, Director, Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate, NASA, Briefing to the Committee on Earth Science and Applications from Space, March 29, 2023. sciences-and-applications-from-space-space-science-week-spring-meeting-2023.
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... 5 NASA continually faces the challenge of balancing a portfolio between new measurements and data continuity. 6 Leaving aside cost, engineering, and other challenges beyond the scope of this short study, the notional large-instrument platform could play a role in mitigating gap risks for solar irradiance, Earth's radiation budget, and many other continuity observations, just as the ISS did in maintaining solar irradiance continuity by hosting TSIS-1.

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