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Appendix B: Agenda
Pages 44-45

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... 1:30 An OSAM-Based Science Station (Session organizer: Jason Hyon, Chief Technologist for Earth Science, JPL) • Enabling Technology -- Rudra Mukherjee, JPL Robotics • Discussion with Industry Representatives: o Orbital Reef, A Commercial Space Station -- Erika Wagner, Senior Director for Emerging Space Markets, Blue Origin o On-Orbit Servicing -- Jared Rieckewald, Senior Director of SpaceLogistics, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman 44
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... • Review of Survey-Recommended Designated Observables and Earth System Explorers: Instruments, Orbits, and Other Requirements • Large Platform as a Host for Earth Venture Instruments 6:00 Adjourn for the Day October 18, 2022 11:00 am EST Update from NASA ESD Karen St. German, ESD Director • Programs and Plans • Midterm Assessment of the 2017 Decadal Survey 12:30 pm Break 1:15 Update from USGS Tim Newman, Program Coordinator, National Land Imaging Program 2:00 Update from NOAA NESDIS Steve Volz, NOAA NESDIS AA 2:45 Addressing the 2017 Decadal Survey Priorities with the Large Platform -- II 4:00 Break and Committee Reconvenes in Closed Session 45

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