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... 3   C H A P T E R 1 Adjacent box girder bridges have been in service since the 1950s. Originally, these bridges were adjacent channel sections.
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... 4 Guidelines for Adjacent Precast Concrete Box Beam Bridge Systems the strand is so badly damaged it is no longer eective. e damage to the strand and concrete is not easily repaired.
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... Statement of the Problem 5 A 2017 inspection of this bridge by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) showed very little leakage after almost 20 years and the leakage that did exist was a small spot at the construction joint that had been there since the bridge was built in 1998.
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... 6 Guidelines for Adjacent Precast Concrete Box Beam Bridge Systems to some percentage of the final stress to pull them together before the shear key is cast. After casting the key, the girders are then post-tensioned to the final stress.

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