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From page 21...
... As DRIs for macronutrients are reassessed through evaluating data from relevant peer-reviewed published evidence and systematic reviews relevant to macronutrient intake and health out comes, an important question arises: What learnings can be accrued from the protocol used by the NDA Panel?
From page 22...
... The NDA Panel followed a four-stage risk assessment approach: hazard identification, hazard characterization, intake assessment, and risk characterization. Systematic reviews of the literature on dietary sugars and their sources and a variety of chronic metabolic diseases were carried out.
From page 23...
... category was created during the DRI update on sodium and potassium to provide an approach for evaluating relationships between those nutrients and chronic disease risk and for future DRI reviews (NASEM, 2019)
From page 25...
... 2020a. The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2022 -- Handbook for quali fied systematic reviews.
From page 26...
... 2017. Guiding prin ciples for developing Dietary Reference Intakes based on chronic disease.

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