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Air Quality in Transit Buses (2023) / Chapter Skim
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Day 2 Session 3
Pages 41-45

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From page 41...
... (current) Mariela Garcia-Colberg, TRB Nathan Edwards opened the discussion on broader air quality challenges within transit systems with the TCRP Planning Committee members answering audience questions.
From page 42...
... Transit can, using roughly similar HVAC hardware with larger filters for lower restriction and decent flow rates, change the air direction from longitudinal to vertical. Kit Conway noted that there are members of the riding public who are paying attention to air quality improvements.
From page 43...
... There is a lot of good news coverage that we can generate by proper testing and proper intellectual resourcing, which eventually leads to standards that give the public a better idea of why they should pay increased amounts to support transit. Allison Laurie Barrett commented that, as an air quality specialist in this field, the biggest issue is getting consistent monitoring, as changing the parameters slightly and suddenly can lead to very different results.
From page 44...
... Q: What can the Transit Cooperative Research Program do moving forward with this topic of air quality and transit buses? Allison Laurie Barrett noted that TCRP is best at getting input from anyone who has a good idea about a project or a research topic and then making sure that the best of those topics gets researched and then published in a manner that is accessible to the people who can most put them to use.
From page 45...
... The transit industry also needs to know how to discern how effective various products are for cleaner air and reduced disease transmission and how to work with manufacturers to design the transit vehicle of the future. It is the task of TCRP to identify topic ideas and present them to the TCRP Oversight Project Selection Commission (TOPS)

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