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... A-1 Appendix A Decision Support for Compliance with the Endangered Species Act: Listed Pollinators If there is a listed pollinator species in the area that will impact a project or general work, the questions below can help in developing proactive strategies as alternatives to the more traditional Section 7 consultation when dealing with listed species. Select as many questions as apply.
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... Appendix A. Decision Support for Compliance with the Endangered Species Act: Listed  Pollinators A-2 Go Further: HCPs are the most comprehensive compliance strategy available to nonfederal parties to conserve the ecosystems and natural processes upon which listed species depend, ultimately contributing to their recovery. HCPs can apply to both listed and non-listed species, including those that are candidates or have been proposed for listing.
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... Appendix A. Decision Support for Compliance with the Endangered Species Act: Listed  Pollinators A-3 agencies are successful or not in benefiting listed species through their actions, they will not be penalized. Go Further: Recognized conservation actions benefiting listed species under a SHA include development and testing of new habitat management techniques.

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