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... D-1 Appendix D Butterfly and Butterfly Group Recognition D.1 Recognizing Butterflies Butterflies can be distinguished from moths by the way they hold their wings at rest and by their antennae. Butterflies hold their wings open or vertically closed over their bodies, while moths tend to hold their wings flat.
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... Appendix D. Butterfly and Butterfly Group Recognition D-2 D.2.2 Swallowtails Key Characteristics (Figure D-2) :  Large butterflies  Swift, sailing flight pattern  Unhooked antenna  Less wing loading, allowing them to soar  Can possess hind wing extensions (tails)
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... Appendix D. Butterfly and Butterfly Group Recognition D-3 D.2.4 Gossamer-Winged Key Characteristics (Figure D-4) :  Many of the smallest and brightest butterflies  Brightly colored (can shimmer in sunshine)

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