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... 1   This guide for transformation in wireless connectivity is intended as a resource for airports as they navigate through the existing taxonomy of wireless technologies and their use cases. It describes the concept of operations and deployment architectures for wirelessly connected airports and provides a method to select and implement wireless solutions based on the current maturity level and anticipated use cases.
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... 2 Transformation in Wireless Connectivity: Guide to Prepare Airports public and enterprises at a reduced cost. This advance has triggered new business models based on end-to-end wireless applications and mobility, and with them, opportunities for new revenue streams and cost efficiencies.
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... Introduction 3   and military radar, and radio voice systems. Interference may also arise from other electronic equipment such as public announcement systems.
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... 4 Transformation in Wireless Connectivity: Guide to Prepare Airports radio stations in a way that provides an adequate level of service to all the users in the area of coverage of the RAN in the most optimal way. This is a complex design process that targets a balance between coverage and capacity in its environment.
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... Introduction 5   Step Use case assessment Sections 1 Identify business goals and value propositions desired from wireless technologies. 1.1, 2.1 2 Consult stakeholders and identify the wireless use cases desired.
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... 6 Transformation in Wireless Connectivity: Guide to Prepare Airports tools and processes, followed by appropriate decision-making, planning, and operation of the deployed networks. Some of the steps involve a web-based assessment tool hosted at acrpwebresource15; these steps describe how to use the business profile (BP)

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