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... 3   1.1 Background Inspection of highway construction is fundamental to meeting the mission of state departments of transportation (DOTs) and the FHWA to provide high-performing products and facilities that meet or exceed specified quality standards.
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... 4 Risk-Based Construction Inspection: A Guide primarily on RBI for construction, but it also addresses similar risk-based protocols for materials testing applied to both eld and plant produced materials or products. Implementing RBI protocols might entail adopting a less rigorous inspection plan (e.g., lower frequency of inspections and testing, fewer in-house inspectors, and greater reliance on certication)
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... Introduction 5   • Stage 1. A top-down identification of inspection and testing activities that can be done either as a programmatic exercise, including all the construction items requiring an inspection in the construction program, or a more focused exercise limited to a core list of the key inspection and testing activities for major project construction items and operations.
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... 6 Risk-Based Construction Inspection: A Guide process then assigns appropriate risk tiers to construction work items and materials that yield appropriate frequencies of construction inspection and materials testing for each key construction work item or operation. • Chapter 4 addresses a step-by-step approach to estimate the project-level inspection resources needed for specific types of construction work items or operations based on the RBI priorities and material criticality determined from the Chapter 3 risk assessment process.

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