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1 Introduction
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... This statement was communicated at the opening of the workshop by Isabel Garcia, the dean of the University of Florida College of Dentistry. The workshop, designed by a planning committee of experts, was intended to share ideas and experiences on public health approaches to oral health for inter­professional and transdisciplinary learning involving educators, health professionals, and community members.
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... Garcia and Mayumi Willgerodt, faculty in the Center for Global Health Nursing at the University of Washington, provided orienting remarks and introduced topics that would be discussed throughout the day, including data and evidence, policy and regulation, and interprofessional and transdisciplinary education and learning. Garcia told participants that the workshop was designed to provoke the consideration of oral health as a key 2  Presentations from the workshop are available at 11-03-2022/sharing-and-exchanging-ideas-and-experiences-on-community-engaged-approachesto-oral-health-a-workshop (accessed April 20, 2023)
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... The first half highlighted the roles of various health professionals in oral health and how they might work together to, in Willgerodt's words, "ensure the entire person is cared for in mind, mouth, body, and spirit." The second half focused on movement toward whole-person health promotion, prevention, and care, with an emphasis on underserved populations. Willgerodt also explained the workshop's attention to the role of educators in the transformation of oral health care, noting that health professional educators prepare the future workforce so they are in a good position to work collaboratively with community members and leaders.
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... . especially when it comes to movement towards training modalities that prioritize and invest in integrated education." With these remarks, Rafia welcomed a global audience of educators, health professionals, community leaders, and other key stakeholders to the workshop and set the tone for what would be a comprehensive, data-focused discussion.

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