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... 215 Appendix D Utilization of Plastics Waste in Transportation Infrastructure in State Departments of Transportation Stephanie C Bolyard North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (Formerly with North Carolina Department of Transportation)
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... 216 RECYCLED PLASTICS IN INFRASTRUCTURE responsible for the testing certification in the approval of materials used for transportation projects. RESULTS A total of 25 responses were received which represents 50 percent of DOTs across the United States (see Figure D-1)
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... APPENDIX D 217 on which DOTs were conducting research to work toward approving the beneficial use of plastics waste. A total of six DOTs (24 percent)
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... 218 RECYCLED PLASTICS IN INFRASTRUCTURE CONCERNS WITH APPROVING THE USE OF RECYCLED PLASTICS IN TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE Although there is a growing body of research around the use of recycled plastics in transportation infrastructure and transitions to field demonstration projects, there are still numerous concerns by DOTs around approving the use of these materials. A total of 22 DOTs responded to this question, and within these responses there were 37 different concerns that were identified.

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