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... Appendix J Overview of Plastics by Resin Identification Code (RIC)
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... 368 RECYCLED PLASTICS IN INFRASTRUCTURE  Recycled PET used for food and non-food containers, carpet, apparel, strapping. • Production volume, consumed in the United States:   Per the U.S.
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... APPENDIX J 369  Recycled pellets cannot be repolymerized.  Bottle HDPE either natural (no copolymer)
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... APPENDIX J 371  Clear and good water barrier properties, fair gas barrier properties.  High melting point (164°C/327°F)
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... 372 RECYCLED PLASTICS IN INFRASTRUCTURE • Recycle:  2018 U.S. post-consumer recycling rate for PS packaging was 3.6 percent, 0.9 percent recycling rate overall for all PS.

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