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... 30 NCHRP LRD 90 vidual member's ratings, particularly where consensus scoring is used. However, before disposing of such materials, the agency should consult with legal counsel since state law may require the agency to maintain such information.
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... NCHRP LRD 90 31 Table 13. Strategies Used by Transportation Agencies to Reduce or Eliminate the Occurrence of Protests Transportation Agency Strategies Used to Reduce or Eliminate Bid Protests Arkansas Use of consensus rating to eliminate extremes in scoring.
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... 32 NCHRP LRD 90 -- If the document draing process results in changes to legal provisions, ask the legal team to review those changes for consistency with the intent. e same concept applies for technical and nancial provisions.
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... NCHRP LRD 90 33 Table 14. Best Value Procurement Training Provided for the Evaluation Team Transportation Agency Best Value Procurement Training Provided Arkansas Training meeting held prior to evaluation.
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... 34 NCHRP LRD 90 e Washington State Department of Transportation's (WSDOT's) DB Manual82 provides information regarding measures WSDOT has implemented to ensure that the RFP documents and evaluation materials are put together properly, and accurately reect its intent and steps to ensure that the evaluation process is fair, equitable and transparent.

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