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... NCHRP LRD 90 35 As shown by the table in Appendix A, state laws may dictate the use of specic algorithms to award best value contracts. ese requirements typically result from input provided by contractors accustomed to low bid procurements, who want the agency to tell them exactly what the project needs and exactly how the selection process will work.
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... 36 NCHRP LRD 90 e importance of a well thought out procurement process cannot be understated as there are many possible bases for protest by an unsuccessful proposer, including unclear requirements or errors in the procurement package, agency deviations from the evaluation plan, the possibility that the selection decision was inuenced by bias, lack of transparency, leaking of condential information during the pre-proposal period or during discussions following receipt of proposals, the agency's decisions to waive (or not waive) procurement requirements, failure to properly document the basis for evaluation and selection decisions, agency noncompliance with applicable legal requirements, and a belief that the agency's decision was wrong.

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