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... 3   Highway construction and maintenance work is a uniquely hazardous work environment for Department of Transportation (DOT) employees.
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... 4 Practices to Motivate Safe Behaviors with Highway Construction and Maintenance Crews Synthesis Objective This synthesis seeks to gather state-of-practice information regarding the current processes and strategies for effectively using incentives and disincentives to motivate safe behaviors with highway construction and maintenance crews. The purpose of this synthesis is to document the state of the practice of DOTs regarding safety incentive and disincentive programs for DOT highway construction and maintenance crews, related motivational techniques, and written policies or training to implement these programs.
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... Introduction 5   a strategy was needed to select the DOTs for the case examples. e questions and responses used as a strategy for case example selection were these: • Does your DOT have a formal incentive/disincentive program for safety-related behaviors?

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